Life Path, 1998, California
Bonbons, 1998, California Brainstorm Walk-Through, 1998, California The Futuristic Pacific Ocean Experience, 1999, California
The Shouting Box, to be installed in any male toilets, takes the shape according to site, 1999, California To Go, Please !, 2000, Portrero Gardens, San Francisco, California Up Side Down, 2000, South Gallery, Oakland, California Hello You Live, 2001, Mellanrummet Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden
Unlawful Warrior, 2002, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden Bound Teddy Bears Army, 2002 Bang!paatataah! now serving Freedom fries tatata!pah!bang!, 2003, Abingdon College, Oxfordshire, England Different views of the residency exhibition in Abingdon College, march 2003, Oxfordshire, England
Freedom Wall (Speech), 2003, V-17 Gallery, Mitte, Berlin, Germany St-Gallen Signs